Knowledge Transfer Webinar Series: Webinar 3 – IP Portfolio Management and High Value Patents
Venue :
ZOOM Meeting


With the theme of IP Portfolio Management and High Value Patents, the third issue of Knowledge Transfer Webinar organized by ISTA was successfully held on 23 June 2020.

In the order of presentation, the Topics and Speakers are

1. Key IP Portfolio Planning and High Value Patent Development
    Mr Ruiquan FAN, Director, University-Industry Liaison Office, Sun Yat-sen University
    Presentation file (Chinese version only)

2. Farming High Value Patent  
    Dr Ming Sai PAN, Director, High-Tech Management Office, Nanjing University of Science and Technology

3. Evaluating & Formulating IP Strategy using IP Analytics
    Prof. Poh Kam WONG, Professor, NUS Business School &
    Founding Director, NUS Entrepreneurship Centre,
    National University of Singapore
    Presentation file

4. IP Alchemy: Invention Disclosure and Commercialization
    Dr Tony RAVEN, Executive Director, Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge
    Presentation file


ISTA members are welcome to download the presentation slides listed above. To access the protected files, please send a request to for the password.