Second Meeting of 9th Executive Committee and Knowledge Transfer Management Forum
Venue :
Zhejiang University

Hosted by Zhejiang University, the Second Meeting of 9th ISTA Executive Committee has been held in Hangzhou on 11 May 2017.

The host application of the First Meeting of 10th Executive Committee (May 2018) by University of Science and Technology of China and the meeting date of 22nd Annual General Meeting (6 – 8 Dec 2017) were endorsed.

Executive Committee members also had an ardent discussion on future strategic development and the topics of next Knowledge Transfer Management Forum with constructive suggestions.

A half-day Knowledge Transfer Management Forum themed “Myth and Truth: Measuring Technology Transfer Success” was held afterwards. The Forum brought together university administrators and experts from both locally and abroad to share their experience and views for the audience’s better appreciation of the frameworks and approaches to measure university technology transfer in alignment with their own organizational strategy and institutional legacy.  

In the order of presentation, the Keynote Speakers are:

1. Mr Benjamin SOFFER, CEO, T3 – Technion Technology Transfer, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
2. Mr Sean P. FLANIGAN, Director (Industry Liaison Office), National University of Singapore, Singapore
3. Prof. YAN Jianhua, Vice President, Zhejiang University, China

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On the next day, the second Advanced Technology Transfer Workshop - Academic Entrepreneurship Development was held in Zhejiang University. In the workshop, technology transfer practitioners, entrepreneurship educators and university administrators in the cross-disciplinary areas of academic entrepreneurship development shared a collective learning experience with all participants.   

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You are welcome to download the presentation slides listed below. To access the protected files, please send a request to for the password.

 - Knowledge Transfer Management Forum (Presentation slides for authorized users only)
 - Academic Entrepreneurship Development Workshop (Presentation slides for authorized users only)