ISTA 21st Annual General Meeting and ISTA Knowledge Transfer Management Forum
Venue :
Northeastern University, Shenyang

Hosted by Northeastern University, ISTA 21st Annual General Meeting was held in Shenyang on 14 October 2016.  The host applications of the Second Meeting of 9th Executive Committee (May 2017) by Zhejiang University and 22nd Annual General Meeting (Nov 2017)by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University were endorsed. Institutional members also had an ardent discussion on the topics of next Knowledge Transfer Management Forum with constructive suggestions.

A half-day Knowledge Transfer Management Forum themed “University Technology Transfer for Regional Development” was held afterwards. The Forum brought together university administrators and experts from both locally and abroad to share their experience and views for the audience’s better appreciation of the frameworks and approaches to strategizing university technology transfer as the catalyst of regional development. 

In the order of presentation, the Keynote Speakers are:

  • 1. Prof. Jiren LIU, Chairman & CEO, Neusoft Group and Vice President, Northeastern University, China
  • 2. Dr Stephen J. SUSALKA, Executive Director, Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), US
  • 3. Mr Seung Ho LEE, Chairman, Korea Association Technology Transfer Organization (KATTO) and CEO, DeltaTech-Korea Ltd., Korea
  • 4. Prof. Ji ZHAO, President, Northeastern University, China
  • 5. Prof. Jianhua YAN, Vice President, Zhejiang University, China

On the next day, ISTA delegation and Guest Speakers visited Neusoft Corporation and The State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation of Northeastern University.

Moreover, the first Advanced Technology Transfer Workshop - Intellectual Property Portfolio Management was held in Northeastern University on the day before ISTA Annual General Meeting. Dr David BAGHURST (Head of Asia, Oxford University Innovation) guided the participants through the evolution of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and operations in IP portfolio management in the developed countries, followed by exploratory discussions on best practices between the participants and guest speakers

ISTA members are welcome to download the detailed program, participant list and presentation slides listed below. To access the protected files, please send a request to for the password.

- Program of Annual General Meeting and ISTA Knowledge Transfer Management Forum
- Participant List
- Knowledge Transfer Management Forum (Presentation slides for authorized users only)
- Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Workshop (Presentation slides for authorized users only)