2022 ISTA Knowledge Transfer Webinar: Indigenous and Foreign Best Practices
Webinar 7 - Professor’s Privilege, Institutional IP Ownership, or Hybrid?
Webinar 8 - Knowledge Transfer Metrics: What to Measure and How?

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ZOOM Meeting

On May 26, 2022, the 6th and 7th ISTA Knowledge Transfer Webinars, hosted by the International Strategic Technology Alliance and co-organized by Nanjing University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, were successfully held.

National policies take varied approaches to encourage university-based innovation. University patenting and entrepreneurship have become subjects of substantial public interest.

By sharing the latest development on IP ownership and the implications of knowledge transfer from the University of Waterloo and Nanjing University, the 7th Webinar provided the audience with a  better understanding of the latest best practices on IP ownership, provoked the audience to explore the rationales behind it and reminded them of good adaptivity in applying frameworks to real workplaces.



Most TTOs continue to dutifully count up and report on licenses, patents, and revenues — and to a large extent, these metrics continue to form the basis of how performance in the technology transfer arena is gauged.

The 8th webinar provided the audience with a deepened understanding of Knowledge Transfer Metrics through the sharing of the latest development in China’s research assessment reform and the latest development in KT metrics in Europe.