Through admission to ATTP, ISTA strives to advance professional recognition of technology transfer practitioners of universities in China.




Its mission is to set out internationally recognized standards to promote professional certification of technology transfer executives, as well as to enhance the professional development of the technology transfer practitioners of its member associations through its recognized training programmes.

Through ATTP, ISTA will be able to further enhance its international standing and recognition, and:
•    to interact and learn from overseas universities and research institutes;
•     to facilitate collaborative opportunities between ISTA member institutions and other overseas universities and research institutes;
to obtain professional guidance and accreditation to ISTA’s training courses, providing Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) credits for training participants from member institutions.

RTTP, the internationally recognized framework that sets the professional standard forTT/KT/KEpractitioners working in universities, industry and government labs. RTTP recognizes competence and experience based on a track record of real world-achievement. RTTP means that you have acquired, through training and practical experience, highly valuable skills and know-how.

•    RTTP affirms that you’re a creative deal-maker or someone who adds significant value to the knowledge and technology transfer process.
RTTP demonstrates competence, integrity, vision, versatility, and perseverance.