ISTA Knowledge Transfer Webinars: Indigenous and Foreign Best Practices
Date :
05 Jun 2020
Venue :
Tencent Meeting or Zoom
  1. 1.     Background

In February 2019, the Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of China identified the first batch of 47 Technology Transfer Bases (hereinafter referred to as “ the Bases”), many of which are ISTA members, as forerunners of the Chinese TTOs. In April 2020, some initial success were published in an official report released by the Ministry, highlighting best practices experimented by the Bases and creating a zeal of peer-to-peer learning among the Chinese KE/KT/TT community.

In this context, ISTA launchs a series of webinars to address the rising interest of the community in these latest TTO best practices experimented by the Bases.

Bringing together practitioners and experts from both China and abroad, these webinars will provide the audiences  with insights and tips from hands-on executives on the chosen topics.


  1. 2.     Features

2.1   Benchmarking: Chinese & Foreign Countries

Each webinar will focus on one specific aspect to draw references from the forerunners’ practice from both China and abroad with an aim to provide a collective learning experience for all participants.

2.2  Hands-on Experience Sharing in Depth

Each webinar will last for 2 to 2.5 hours, including presentations by 3~4 practitioners from the Bases sharing their hands-on experience and 1~2 overseas speakers providing benchmarking insights. An 40 mintues interactive discussion will entail the sharings to provide more insights by comparing and contrasting the practices by different insititutions.

Notes or handouts will also be shared with the participants.  Operative guidelines and templates will also be shared within ISTA members with the permission of speakers.


2.3   RTTP CE Points (Pending)

Each participant will be awarded 1 CE point for each webinar attended. Videos of the webinars will be uploaded to the ISTA website for members only review.


  1. 3.     Proposed Timetable

3.1 Webinar 1: Risk Management

Date & time





Jun 5th

2:30 ~ 4:30 PM (UST+8)



Due Diligence in Tech Transfer


Mr WANG Yuzhu, Assistant to Director,  Technology Transfer Institute,

Tsinghua University



Key Steps in Risk Prevention of Tech Transfer


Prof. KANG Xudong,

Director, R&D Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology



Defining and Managing Affiliate Transaction





Prof. ZHAO Rongxiang


Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zhejiang University


Foreign Experience: Managing Conflict of Interest


Mr. WONG Kelvin

Interim Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Discussion & Q&A



3.1 Webinar 2: Professioinal Development

Jun 16th

2:30  - 4:30pm




Intra-University Coalition for Tech Transfer


Prof. ZHAO Rongxiang


Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zhejiang University


Technology Transfer Enterprise




Dr HAO Yingyong, Associate Director, Applied Technology Institute,

Southeast University


Professionalising through “Four Types of Specialists”


Mr WANG Yuzhu, Assistant to Director,  Technogym Transfer Institute,

Tsinghua University


Evolution of the TT/KT/KE Profession           



Discussion & Q&A



3.2 Webinar 3: IP Portfolio Management and High Value Patents

Jun 23rd

2020 (Tue)

3:00 - 5:20 pm




Key IP Portfolio Planning and High Value Patent Development


Dr. FAN Ruiquan

Director, University-Industry Liason Office,

Sun Yat-sen University



High Value Patent Farming


Nanjing University of Science and Technology



Gold Triangle for IP: Industry-University-Intermediary


Soochow University (TBC)


IP Mining or IP Farming: IP Analytics

Prof. WONG Poh Kam,

National University of Singapore


IP Alchemy: Invention Disclosure and Commercialisation

Dr Tony RAVEN, Executive Director, Cambridge Enterprise,

University of Cambridge


Discussion & Q&A



3.3 Webinar 4: Commercailisation in Faculty Assessment

Jul 3rd 2020 (Fri)


2:30 – 4:50 pm





Technology Transfer in Performance Appraisal 


Mr. HAO Tao

Director, IP Office,

 Dalian University of Technology


Technology Transfer in Promotion Metrics


Dr GAO Deyou,

Director,Industry Research Institute,


Sichuan University



Guidelines on Staff Inolvement in Spin-offs


Mr WANG Yuzhu, Assistant to Director,  Technology Transfer Institute,

Tsinghua University


Knowledge Exchange Framework Update

PraxisAuril (TBC)


Tenure & Promotion Trends: Current Initiatives to Take Commercialsiation into Account



Discussion & Q&A



4. Webinar arrangement

4.1 For better connection among the participants and the speakers, the webinar will be conducted via WeMeet.

4.2 Instant interpretation software will be used for non-Chinese speakers, and a bilingual facilitator will be arranged.

4.3. Registration should be completed before the webinar via WeChat or online.  ISTA Secretariat will release detailed webinar information to successfully registered participants.

4.4 If this series of webinars is well received, ISTA Secretariat will hold similar events for its members.

5. Webinar Registration: 

Scan the QR code and Follow the public WeChat account: ISTA-Net. Click Event Enrollment and input your information (Chinese only).