Sponsorship Promotion to Candidate RTTP Application Extended to 10 Apr 2020!

Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP) is a professional credential for Technology Transfer or Knowledge Exchange professionals to designate individuals with advanced knowledge and experience, is certified by ATTP. ATTP (www.attp.info) was formed by the 4 technology transfer alliances / associations from Europe, US, UK and Australia. ATTP’s missions are to set out internationally recognized standards and provide professional certification of technology transfer executives, whose certification has been recognized by 60 countries around the world.


To achieve RTTP, you must be able to achieve two requirements: (1) you have been in a KE/KT/TT profession role for at least three years; (2) 60 RTTP CE points achieved in accredited KE/KT/TT training programmes, and submit a 1000 word Achievement Overview which should describe their skills and achievements relevant to the five competencies assessed for RTTP. The RTTP registration fee is US $300 and the application will be judged by a panel of senior TT professionals. Due to the long application period and complicated review process, the pasings rate is not quite high. (Details please read: https://attp.info/about-rttp/)


Candidate RTTP is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they have committed to a pathway of training and development leading to the award of full RTTP status. The Candidate’s supervisor, line-manager, or service director has an important role in supporting the Candidate to achieve RTTP. The Candidate is required to submit (1) proof of KE/KT/TT relevant employment; (2) Career Aspiration Plan developed by the Candidate and their supervisor/ line manager; (3) Director’s Confirmation through a brief, signed statement by your Line Manager or Director.

The Candidate RTTP registration fee is US $50. Achieve RTTP designation after accumulating enough credits and satisfying the RTTP core competencies.


In order to encourage the technology transfer talents of ISTA member universities to accelerate the pace of relevant specialization, the Secretariat will provide a $50 Candidate RTTP registration fee sponsorship and application assistance for members who have accumulated 20 continuing education credits before December 31, 2019. Only 30 quotas are available on a first come first served basis.


If any member is interested in applying for Candidate RTTP, please register at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/mysurvey/index.php/818636?lang=en before 10 April 2020. The Secretariat will contact you for follow-up matters.


The Secretariat reserves the right to interpret this sponsorship promotion.