Advanced Technology Transfer Workshop: Faculty-led Start-up Licensing Issues
Date :
10 May 2018
Venue :
University of Science and Technology of China

Following the recent statutory changes in technology commercialization and top-down reforms in technology policies, a new landscape of technology transfer among the Chinese academic institutions is emerging, filled with springing Technology Transfer Offices (TTO), ambitious schemes and exciting experiments.    

However, with the increasing incentives for scientist-turned-entrepreneurs, university administrators found themselves more frequently on difficult decisions on licensing to faculty-led start-ups. With the generous distribution policy spelled out by the laws and without the commonly accepted definition of conflict of interest, TTOs of the Chinese universities are venturing in both procedures and practices. Related hot topics include conflice of interst declaration, technology valuation, post-licensing monitoring and compliance, all of which merit discussion.

Drawing references from the pioneers from both abroad and locally, this workshop aims to provide a collective learning experience for all participants, mostly university administrators, managing technology transfer practitioners and stakeholders.

Dr Alwin WONG
Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sharing Guests:
Prof. Dongmin CHEN of Peking University and Experts from UK, US University and University of Science and Technology of China